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Having trouble with a lock or key? Get locked out of your home? Lose your keys and need replacements? If you're in the Tampa, FL area and require any of these services, Genius Locksmith is just the company you're looking for, We offer services for your vehicle, your business, and most importantly, your home, Since 2012 our expert, highly trained, professional technicians have been ready and available for any issue you may have with the locks or keys involved in keeping your residence as safe as possible, If you need to get back into, or keep people out of your home, simple call us any time and we'll be out to help you faster than you thought possible.

Have you been locked out of your home? Lose your keys? Forget them inside and lock the door behind you? Don't worry, no matter what the cause of your home lockout, We can get you back in your home quickly and easily. No matter the type of lock, or which door you've been locked out of, we can get you back in and getting on with your day. But what if you have lost your keys, and you not only need back in your home, but need the lock (or locks) re-keyed as well? We can take care of that too! Our hard working experts can get the new keys to your lock made and in your hands before many other companies would barely have you back in your house. If you're looking for the best quality, but also most efficient locksmith company in Tampa, call us right now.

Residential Locksmith Service in Tampa Florida

Residential lock replacement needs

Not only do we get you back in your home if you've been locked out, but if you lost your keys, and are concerned about the safety of your home and family, We can easily take care of that as well via residential lock replacement services. Whether it's the front door, back door, sliding door or interior doors, We can replace any locks that need replacement, regardless of the issue. If your keys have been lost, and you need the locks replaced as soon as possible, the well-trained technicians at Genius are available any time, day or night, 7 days a week to restore the safety of your home as quickly as possible.

Re-keying a locked condo mailbox or file cabinet lock?

Do you lock your mailbox? If so, it can be quite the problem if you lose or break your key, or the lock is compromised in some way and you can't get in! We can fix, replace, change or open the lock on your mailbox to get to your important documents, What if another style lock is broken, like the lock you find in many homes on sliding glass doors? Think you are going to have to replace the whole door to make sure it locks correctly? Think again! Not only are our technicians consistently trained in the best methods and tools to use to replace your locks, We can definitely fix them as well, saving you time, money and a lot of extra frustration. We will fix any lock in your home, sliding door and all, and will have it done faster and better than you ever thought possible.

24/7 emergency services around the clock

No matter the job, whether it's for replacing locks or keys, simply unlocking them, or fixing them in some way, We’re the best choice in Tampa, Florida to have it taken care of faster, easier and better than the other guys, If you find yourself in need of a Locksmith for any sort of residential need, Call us now and we'll be on the way.

We're the best Locksmith to improve your home security with our professionally trained technicians who is available for service 24/7.


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