Cheap Locksmiths in Valrico

Genius Locksmith is a local services provider based in Valrico, FL and serves various customers that include the residential, automotive, and commercial needs. All the services offered are professional, and all our technicians are trained and experienced. You can trust that they will be able to assist you within the shortest time possible. Here is an explanation of the services that we offer.


We have the expertise to service locks on any car, and one of the solutions we have is unlock car door in minutes. Several times clients are locked out of the car with the key inside the key. If this happens, count on us. Secondly, We have the car key replacement, to assist you in cases where you have misplaced the car key and you are stranded. Lastly, for the vehicles, We have key Programming and ignition repair. This is a service that will help you when your key pattern is damaged.


We have a team that is dedicated to serving clients at home who have house lockout incidents. This is in case you accidentally misplace the house key, you don't have to be worried or get stranded since we are ready to help you gain entry into your house.

We also offer re-key locks services which aim at helping you get extra key copies to keep separately so that you can use in future, and also probably you need to give your relative a key so that they can access the house when you are away. Our professionals are well trained to help clients in this, and we do it as you wait since we understand you are a busy person.

The third service is locks change. After some time, you might want to change the locks on your house door for security purposes or just because you want to upgrade. We are always ready, and you can call us when you want this done.


We offer business lockout rescue which is a service that helps you in case you have lost your key, or you locked it inside your office. Several clients accidentally lock the key in, and we have always been there to assist.

We also do replace lock cylinder for business doors to upgrade the security level or in cases where it is not functioning well, and you need it replaced. Sometimes the lock cylinder just jams and is beyond repair, and when this happens, you have no option other than changing it.

Lastly for the businesses we have re-keying needs which generally aims at producing an extra key for your business doors. The good thing with doing this is that you can keep a spare key in your car or at home so that you can use it in cases of an accidental lockout.

24/7 Emergency, Call us!

We have a 24/7 locksmith service team dedicated to helping clients at any time. You just need to call us, And we will be available within the shortest time.

Our staffs handle the clients professionally, and the services are of good quality. Our lines are always open day and night.

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